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Blister Lidding Foil

A blister pack is made up of two layers, the forming layer and the lidding (backing). These two layers are usually pressed together to form a complete blister pack by means of heat sealing.

Haishun provides an impressive range of heat seal blister foils for use in making blister lidding. Our lidding foil can be printed with logos, trademarks, and texts on one or both sides.

Construction of Blister Lidding Foil
PRIMER/AL20/HSL,PRIMER/AL25/HSL(HSL can either 3-4gsm or 6-8gsm)

Material Composition

Advantages of Blilster Lidding Foil
1. Total barrier to moisture, oxygen and light

2. Several heat seal lacquer systems to seal to PVC, PVDC, Aclar, Coldform Foil, PE, PP

3. Good printability. Very good with UV- printing inline.

4. Easy to push through.

Haishun blister lidding foil is ideal blister packaging material for tablets, capsules and pills, etc.

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