Quality Assurance

Haishun takes pride in a putting together a complete set of the finest inspection machines and production equipments in the industry. All these state of the art productions lines are imported from Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States.

Product testing and quality control hold the same level of importance as production as Haishun. We have equipped our lab with modern testing equipment to conduct comprehensive tests of our products and ensure their quality meets and exceeds industry standards. Specifically, we have introduced PerkinElmer gas chromatograph, MOCON permeation tester, Thermo Scientific IR spectrometer and more testing equipment. The high quality production equipment and very precise testing instruments show our clients that we take every imaginable step to guarantee they have the best products and the highest quality.

Raw Materials
Haishun chooses superior raw materials from home and abroad. We have the ability to develop different raw materials to meet customers' packaging requirement.
Incoming raw materials stock in separate areas after approved by QA. Twice a day of cleaning is taken to maintain the environment.

Commitment to Environment Protection
As a leader in pharma packaging industry, Haishun focuses on environment protection. We implement "Green Idea" during production, such as solventless lamination, environmental printing technology and solvent recovery.

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