Medicinal products such as tablets, pills and capsules need to be packaged carefully and safely to keep them from moisture, oxygen or UV rays, from being able to be opened by children. When it comes to high-barrier pharmaceutical packaging materials, Haishun is the brand you can trust to safeguard your pharma products. Browse through our standard menu of blister packaging materials, and you would be instantly amazed by the variety of products we can offer, including the cold-form foil, tropical foil, lidding film, flexible packaging film and much more. We are also skilled in customized pharma packaging just in case you can't find what you're looking for.

  • Exhibition Information
    1. PPMA Total Show 2016
      Date: 2016.09.27-09.29
      Venue: Birmingham, UK
      Booth No.: J27, J28

      MAGHREB PHARMA Expo 2016
      Date: 2016.11.08-11.10
      Venue: Algiers, Algeria
      Booth No.: F20

Main products
    1. Cold-Form Foil
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    2. After years of research and development, Haishun has developed its own techniques and intellectual-property ensuring unbeatable mechanical and performance properties closely controlled all the way through the manufacturing process. Haishun's foils and films is market leader for good reason and supplies the whole blister.

    1. Blister Lidding Foil
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    2. A blister pack is made up of two layers, the forming layer and the lidding (backing). These two layers are usually pressed together to form a complete blister pack by means of heat sealing.

    1. PVC/Aclar® Film
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    2. Aclar® is a registered trade mark of Honeywell. Aclar® films start life as mined fluorspar which is then converted to CTFE monomer, on to PCTFE resin preparation and finally film extrusion which is performed in Honeywell's plant in Pennsylvania USA.

    1. Child-Resistant Blister Foil
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    2. Haishun has developed its range of child resistant lidding films for blister packs which do not allow easy push-through by children but may be opened by adults. Child-resistant blister foils prevent accidental ingestion by making blister pack difficult to open.

    1. Strip Pack Laminates
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    2. Strip packs have neither thermo-formed nor cold formed cavities. They are made of two strips of aluminum and polyester laminates sealed around the tablets to create cavities.

    1. Suppository Packaging
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    2. Our aluminum suppository packaging provides maximum protection for moisture, oxygen and light, allowing a longer product shelf life. This strip pack laminate is easy to tear as well as peel for patient convenience. High tensile strength allows easy processing on suppository packaging lines.

    1. PVC/PVDC Film
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    2. PVDC film is a kind of blister packaging material coated with high-performing PVDC to ward off moisture problems and keep contents wrapped in it dry and away from the effect of oil vapors and gaseous aromatic hydrocarbons.

    1. Flexible Packaging Film
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    2. Composite films require technically advanced manufacturing equipment and Haishun uses Japanese printing and laminating equipment plus 100% camera inspection to ensure that final product meets all specifications and customized quality requirements.

    1. Oral Liquid Packaging
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    2. Oral liquid packaging is tough and unlikely to break. This pharmaceutical packaging material keeps oral liquid tightly sealed against outside moisture and contaminants for maximum safety and ease of carrying around.